>>> You cannot decode a message ...

- Go to message decoding

- Enter the password that has encoded the message

- Copy the encrypted message starting with {" and ending with "} in the second text box

- Then click decode.

- Make sure the password is correct ( case sensitive : uppercase, lowercase , special characters , numbers, ... ) . Only the correct password can be used to decode the message.

>>> You do not succeed to encode a message ...

- Go to message encoding

- Make sure you have followed the instructions on the page to encode a message. Choose a password written in capital letters so that it can be easily decoded by a third party.

>>> You do not understand how the encoded message sharing works ...

- The coded message is shared as text via internet

- Once the message is encoded, select all the text, copy it and paste it in your favorite message editor (email, social networking messages , instant messaging ... )

- To decode a message, copy it from your favorite interface ( email, social networking messages , instant messaging ... ) , and then paste it into the decoding text box on the corresponding page.

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