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Privacy is not an anomaly, it is a necessity!

Digital privacy is an imperative of a democratic society. Indeed if robots probe continuously our opinions (e.g. political) or desires (e.g. commercial); on the one hand the democratic vote becomes obsolete, on the other hand, the consumer or the citizen is widely manipulated. Nowadays this society, described for example by Georges Orwell, is becoming real. (1) Our political views can be known in real time through the activity of a significant part of citizens on the social networks. (2) Our consumer behavior is constantly influenced by contextualized and personalized advertising or suggestions calculated by search engines. The base material of this personalization is our personal data (emails, requests, messages, activities on the social networks…). Here is the strategy of a giant of the Internet: “one idea is that more and more searches are done on your behalf without you needing to type". In others terms, “the giant of the internet" wants to think, choose and act for you ...

The extensive analysis of user data is allowed by both legal and technical way. Indeed, the information that we share each day with the different services of the giants of the Internet is not encrypted. But this is not inevitable!

Youjoule.com offers a very simple solution of encryption using a single password. It may just be the answer to a question. Youjoule.com offers you the freedom to do it by yourself! So you can easily encrypt your messages with the answer to a question or a password. Then you can share the encoded message by email or using any social network. You can protect your opinions, your tastes, your passions, your digital privacy. More generally, the protection of the privacy is collectively very important for the functioning of our civic societies.

Our advices:

- If you use all types of characters (eg. uppercase and lowercase) for the password, make sure your friends know it. If not, they won't be able to decode your messages.

- For safety, do not hesitate to create your own questions and to change the header text automatically generated. The answer will always be the password required to encrypt your message

- To broadcast a secure password (eg. " HeyTax4i "). Encrypt it with a simple question, then share the password encrypted. Then encrypt all your messages with this same password that you have shared.

Your digital privacy: do it yourself !